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Petlyakov-3 WWII fighter scale 1/12
(serial 004 electric)
Ilushin-2 Legendary  aircraft WWII era
Scale 1/12 model 

IL-10 scale 1/12 electric details

07/17/2006:  NATS 2006 (July 12-15) Photoreportage

  Top Gun 2006 Day 3 Photoreportage  


      Aviation MOdel Club "Scale" AMOCS is welcoming you to Remote Control Flying Adventure!

We are designing, testing and flying model airplanes. Scale Aircraft Models RC-combat models, Aerobatic aircrafts, Fun flyers and Trainers. 

Choose models from our current project or place your personal order for new model.
Custom orders for unique projects are very welcome!

We do prefer composite constriction, but order for conventional construction models are OK with us. 


RCCA scale 2548 RC-combat p40 wingspan 48" Low Wing Trainer 0.25 RC-combat p39 scale 1/12

1 Inch = 2.54cm
1 Mile = 1.609347km
1 Feet = 0.3048m
1 Gallon = 3.785411784 L
1 Pound = 0.4534924kg
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