Battle over Bloomfield 4 (Scale 2610 & open-B RC-combat contest)

Photo reportage by Bender 6/18/2005
2005_0618AA 2005_0618AB 2005_0618AC 2005_0618AD 2005_0618AE
2005_0618AF 2005_0618AG 2005_0618AH 2005_0618AI 2005_0618AJ
2005_0618AK 2005_0618AL 2005_0618AM 2005_0618AN 2005_0618AO
2005_0618AP 2005_0618AQ 2005_0618AR 2005_0618AS 2005_0618AT
2005_0618AU 2005_0618AV 2005_0618AW 2005_0618AX 2005_0618AY
2005_0618AZ 2005_0618BA 2005_0618BB 2005_0618BC 2005_0618BD
2005_0618BE 2005_0618BF 2005_0618BG 2005_0618BH 2005_0618BI
2005_0618BJ 2005_0618BK 2005_0618BL 2005_0618BM 2005_0618BN
2005_0618BO 2005_0618BP 2005_0618BQ 2005_0618BR 2005_0618BS
2005_0618BT 2005_0618BU 2005_0618BV 2005_0618BW 2005_0618BX
2005_0618BY 2005_0618BZ 2005_0618CB 2005_0618CC 2005_0618CD
2005_0618CE 2005_0618CF 2005_0618CG 2005_0618CH 2005_0618CI
2005_0618CJ 2005_0618CK 2005_0618CL 2005_0618CM 2005_0618CO
2005_0618CP 2005_0618CQ 2005_0618CR 2005_0618CS 2005_0618CT
2005_0618CU 2005_0618CV 2005_0618CW 2005_0618CX 2005_0618CY
2005_0618CZ 2005_0618DA 2005_0618DB 2005_0618DC 2005_0618DD
2005_0618DE 2005_0618DF 2005_0618DH 2005_0618DI 2005_0618DJ
2005_0618DK 2005_0618DM 2005_0618DP 2005_0618DQ 2005_0618DR
2005_0618DS 2005_0618DT 2005_0618DU 2005_0618DV 2005_0618DW
2005_0618DX 2005_0618DY 2005_0618DZ 2005_0618EA 2005_0618EB
2005_0618EC 2005_0618ED 2005_0618EE 2005_0618EH 2005_0618EI
2005_0618EJ 2005_0618EK 2005_0618EL 2005_0618EM Second Prize Winner Scale 2610 & open-B

Full size images available for request.
(Give me image name you are interested in. I will send it to you with e-mail  (about  300-1.500 Mb each))

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