"Frenzy-15 at Freestate" RC-combat contest (8 rounds SSC)

2005_1112AE 2005_1112AH 2005_1112AM 2005_1112AMA 2005_1112AMB
2005_1112AO 2005_1112AR 2005_1112AS 2005_1112AT 2005_1112AU
2005_1112AV 2005_1112AW 2005_1112AX 2005_1112AY 2005_1112AZ
2005_1112BA 2005_1112BB 2005_1112BC 2005_1112BD 2005_1112BE
2005_1112BF 2005_1112BG 2005_1112BH 2005_1112BI 2005_1112BJ
2005_1112BK 2005_1112BL 2005_1112BM 2005_1112BN 2005_1112BQ
2005_1112BR 2005_1112BS 2005_1112BSAD 2005_1112BSBe 2005_1112BSCe
2005_1112BSDe 2005_1112BSe 2005_1112BSGe 2005_1112BSHe 2005_1112BSI
2005_1112BSJ 2005_1112BSJe 2005_1112BSK 2005_1112BSK_ 2005_1112BSLe
2005_1112BSM 2005_1112BSMC 2005_1112BT 2005_1112BU 2005_1112BV
2005_1112BW 2005_1112BX 2005_1112BY 2005_1112BZ 2005_1112CD
2005_1112CEcr 2005_1112CF 2005_1112CGcr 2005_1112CHcr 2005_1112CI
2005_1112CJ 2005_1112CL 2005_1112CLcr 2005_1112CMcr 2005_1112CNcr
2005_1112COcr 2005_1112CP 2005_1112CQ 2005_1112CR webPICT0004
webPICT0041 webPICT0041cr webPICT0045 webPICT0052 webPICT0059

Full size images (~ 0.5-1 Mb) are available by request with e-mail. 

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