RC-AirCombat contest "Frenzy-17" at Free State Aeromodelers

2006_0730AA 2006_0730AB 2006_0730AC 2006_0730ADc 2006_0730AEc
2006_0730AG 2006_0730AH 2006_0730AI 2006_0730AJ 2006_0730AK
2006_0730AKc 2006_0730AL 2006_0730ALc 2006_0730AM 2006_0730AN
2006_0730AO 2006_0730AP 2006_0730AQ 2006_0730AR 2006_0730AS
2006_0730AT 2006_0730AU 2006_0730AV 2006_0730AW 2006_0730AX
2006_0730AY 2006_0730AZ 2006_0730BA onboard movie
320x240 ~7 min

Full size images (~ 0.5-1 Mb) are available by request with e-mail. 

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