1/12 scale RC-models IL-10 (Examples of Remote Controlled Ilyushin-10)

0000_0000AA 0000_0000AB 2004_1023AA 2004_1023AB 2005_0109AA
2005_0130AA 2005_0206AA 2005_0213AA 2005_0221AA 2005_0221AB
2005_0227AA 2005_0313AA 2005_0313AB 2005_0313AC 2005_0320AA
2005_0320AB 2005_0417AA 2005_0417AAc 2005_0417AB 2005_0515AA
2005_0515AB 2005_0522AA 2005_0609AA 2005_0609AB 2005_0609AC
2005_0609AD 2005_0619AA 2005_0619AB 2005_0623AD 2005_0626AA
2005_0626AB 2005_0626AC 2005_0704AA 2005_0704AB 2005_0704AC

All models are assembled from kits designed and produced by AMOCS (Aviation MOdel Club "Scale”)
KIT ARF or RTF Ilyushin-10 1/12 scale available as sport scale models or as RC-Combat model.

Sport scale version has 100% composite construction.
Combat version has more stronger composite fuselage and styrofoam wing. Wing has the most popular now RC-combat design. It is enforced with fiberglass rods (spars leading and tailing edge) and covered with self-adhesive tape. Wing connected to fuselage with robber bands. Such type of connection also helps for survivability, so important for RC-combat. Models were tested during many RC-combat contests. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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FOR SALE : scale 2610 Yakovlev-9 Scale 1/12 ILyshin-10 RC-combat version Sport Scale ILyshin-10 (1/12) scale 2610 p39 scale 2548 p40 RC-combat model RTF, ARF or KIT are  available
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Orders for custom painting scheme are possible upon request. 
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