History. The mass-production of Yak-1 began in 1940. First airplanes of this series were similar to I-26-2 with minor changes and improvements, such as radio transceiver, landing headlight, oil reflectors etc. They were powered by M-105P engine, which was replaced in later series with M-105PA (since 1941) and more powerful M-105PF (since 1942). Major changes introduced on M-105PA in comparison to M-105P were enforced connecting rods and non-float carburettor which allowed reliable engine operation at negative G-force. More power of M-105PF was achieved by increasing the supercharger pressure.

Yak-1 had a 20 mm engine-mount cannon, and 2x7.62 mm or 1x12.7 mm machine guns. The 20 mm ShVAK cannon was installed in the middle of cylinders V-shape of the M-105P series of V. Klimov engine ("P" in the engine specification stands for Russian word "pushka" which means cannon). Its barrel was aligned with the axial bore of the propeller shaft. Machine guns were installed on each side of the fuselage and syncronised with propeller rotation.



A variants of Yak-1 were designed and build. Some series were equipped with racks for carrying up to 200 kg of bombs, or 6 missiles RS-82.

In 1942, changes were made to the fuselage shape of Yak-1. The rear fuselage fairing (gargrot) was lowered and the bubble-shaped canopy was introduced. This was imposed by the need to improve the rear view for the pilot. Also two 7.62 mm machine guns were replaced by a heavier one - UBS 12.7 mm. Pilots of regular airforce regiments called this aircraft Yak-1B (similar to Yak-7B) however Yak-1B is not an official name. Yak-1B also featured the canopy made of bullet-proof glass, and a rear-view mirror.


Further development of Yak-1 resulted in design in 1943 of the lighter experimental fighter Yak-1M with much improved flight performance, which became a prototype for Yak-3.

Serial production of Yak-1 fighter continued until 1944, when it was replaced by Yak-3 and Yak-9.

Technical specification and flight performance of the Yakovlev-1 Fighter
Yak-1 M-105P (1941)
Modification Yak-1 M-105P (1941) Yak-1(B) M-105PF (1943)
Wing span, m 10.0
Length, m 8.48
Height, m 2.64
Wing area, sq m 17.15
Engine M105P M105PF
Engine power, hp 1050 1180
Empty weight, kg 2445 2320
Take off weight, kg 2950 2885
Max speed at ground level, km/h 472 531
Max speed, km/h (at altitude, m) 569 (4860) 590 (4100)
Range, km 650 700
Time to climb to 5000 m, min 5.7 5.4
Max altitude, m 10000 10000
Armament 1x20 mm cannon ShVAK
2x7.62 mm machine guns ShKAS
1x20 mm cannon ShVAK
1x12.7 mm machine gun UBS